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In a nutshell, the secret of healthy losing weight is very simple – more exercise, less eating. This does not mean you need to accomplish from one day to the other a great athletic performance or to start drastic dieting. The opposite is the case: Try to plan long term. For your body a slow transition is best. This is true for both, for your diet as well as for the physical training.

If you have not done any sport for years, you should not rush out of the house and take a long run to lose weight. Start slowly. Work out an exercise plan and follow your target consistently. If you were used to eat too much, you would need a radical diet and starve a lot. Therefore apply: change your diet little by little.

Even short walks or other forms of moderate exercise let you lose weight for the long-term and weight loss will not only be a short-term success. However, the advantage of the moderate exercise is only noticeable if you repeat it regularly. If you walk every day only two or three kilometers more than usual and donĀ“t change your diet, you will lose a whole kilo per month.

Exercise as the key to success

There are plenty of opportunities besides the gym to move, to sweat and lose weight. Here I have my most important tips for success.

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the distance.
  • Take the bike for short distances instead of driving.
  • Eat less and eat healthier food.

With a long-term reduction in caloric intake you will achieve in the long run better results of weight loss than with a radical diet. Try to eat healthy and balanced. Reduce your consumption of fatty foods and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

To lose weight, just a few simple rules are often helpful. Simply replace a glass of lemonade with a glass of water. Always eat a little less than usual. Be satisfied with one portion for dinner. Cut down on your sweets-consumption. Avoid chips, salad dressing, lots of alcohol and high calorie snacks.

An old formula for losing weight is “eh”, meaning “eat half”. Even better would be the name “eat half of the fat”. For this is the main problem of most people who are struggling with their weight: they consume too much fat. The same applies to sugar. But do not exaggerate with the restrictions on food. Give yourself a treat every now and then. Most delicacies will taste much better then.

If you can apply that to yourself, then you are on the road to success

Regular control of your weight

Keep a record of your weight loss. This allows you to get an accurate picture of your progress and it will motivate you every day again. But do not get on the scale every day. Once or twice a week is sufficient.


An additional motivation during weight loss will get you a small reward for each lost pound. Treat yourself with a movie, take a long bubble bath or buy yourself a new CD. Tell your friends about the great success. Their support and admiration will be your motivation.

If you have decided to lose weight permanently, then you should not give up completely on all the sweets and other goodies. Try to enjoy the delicacies in small quantities.

Keep in mind that the result will improve the longer you resist. Every time you exercise more than usual you burn calories and thus fat. Always remember that there is really no other or faster way to lose weight healthy and reasonably.

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